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Varalaxmi Pillai, daughter of a housemaid was nurtured by SAGE Foundation and received a degree from HR College, a prime Educational Institute of Mumbai.

In this picture she is receiving an Achievers’ Award for the best student at the hands of Maya Shahani, Chairperson of SAGE Foundation, and Dr Indu Shahani, Former Sheriff of Mumbai. Laxmi was offered a scholarship at the London School of Economics, but she opted to work for a year at Thomas Cook to gain some work experience and international elan.

She was given a makeover to enhance her self-esteem by Queenie Dhody, an expert in personal transformation. Groomed and nurtured by her mother’s loving employer Meher Moos, Viralaxmi earned the Sheriff’s scholarship to the University of Westminster and winged her way to London. SAGE Foundation is indeed proud of Laxmi.

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