The best way to get low-income youth out of poverty is to train them for high-paying white-collar jobs.


The SAGE Foundation’s vision is centered around empowering young people, especially graduates, from low-income backgrounds to overcome the challenges that poverty often creates for them.
This includes equipping them with the necessary academic tools to ensure that they achieve their full potential. By providing education, resources, and support, the SAGE Foundation aims to break the cycle of poverty and give young people access to opportunities they may not have otherwise had.

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The Sage Foundation believes in the ability of the youth and has impacted their career growth by skilling and providing better opportunities for India`s underprivileged students.


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Shahani Academic & Global Empowerment (SAGE) Foundation is the non-profit arm of The Shahani Group which has had a range of initiatives in the education sector since 1958. The SAGE Foundation believes that the most impactful way to develop peoples’ lives is to enable them to develop the skills to earn their own livelihood. Since 2008 we’ve been working with partners to help educate & employ India’s underprivileged population

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Meet the leaders who guide our vision and strategy. Our board of directors brings a wealth of experience and expertise that drives us towards success. They have the right combination of industry expertise, strategic vision, and a commitment to excellence

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This whitepaper explains that white-collar employers are not satisfied with the employability of fresh college graduates in India due to a lack of a common framework for employability. It suggests a possible way to solve this issue through a project implemented by The SAGE Foundation which has achieved impressive results in skilling low-income youth for jobs in the BFSI sector.

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