Banking Aspirants are the ones who look forward intending to create a better career future for themselves, and for creating a one, they need to pursue a course of action; however, being surrounded by several myths holds them back while making any career decisions.

The reason why we are busting a few myths for you is to help you give a fact-check!!

1] Myths: No In-depth Knowledge

The aspirants believe that the courses usually don’t provide in-depth knowledge about the domain.

There is only the upper view of the industry and no overview.

Besides these, aspirants also believe that only theoretical knowledge is provided to students, and no practical knowledge is included in the course.

Facts: Comprehensive Knowledge

The correct course helps you get comprehensive knowledge that includes both theoretical & practical knowledge.

The right course aids you get an overview of the industry and the basic elements and learnings about the sector.

2] Myths: Time-consuming Courses

Many aspirants don’t enroll in the course with the belief that the courses will be time-consuming and that dedicating time will be unmanageable.

With this thought in mind, many aspirants hold themselves back to pursue a course and build a better career for themselves.

Facts: Short-term Course Available

Many institutes offer short-term courses; one of the many institutes is the Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management (TSCFM), a 3-months short-term certificate course with immense opportunities and learnings for you.

3] Myths: No Placements

Any aspirants join an institute intending to get a job in their desired company.

However, many institutes in the market only offer certifications and not a good job.

For this reason, the myth of ‘institutes don’t offer placement’ has evolved at a greater pace.

Facts: Ample Jobs available

As we mentioned earlier, the proper course is all you need to be successful and burst the myths.

The TSCFM institutes help not only in widening knowledge but also in getting placed in top Banking companies.