SHAMZ Foodz, a Shahani Group Initiative, is a social enterprise that markets sensibly priced, premium quality foods to create jobs for the under resourced. Every order placed helps feed a child in need.  SAGE Foundation has joined hands with the ISCKON Mid Day Meals Programme for this exciting venture.

Over six million children in India develop mild mental retardation due to malnutrition, which could have been prevented. Hunger impairs cognitive development, permanently crippling a child for a lifetime.

Education is the key to eradicate poverty, but hunger obstructs education as children are forced to leave schools and take up menial jobs. Lack of education curtails opportunities for development and it locks these innocent children into a vicious cycle.

The Mid-Day meals programme, implemented by the ISKCON Food Relief Foundation aims to liberate the underprivileged children from this vicious cycle by providing sanctified and nutritious food.

SAGE Foundation has also joined hands with Buy1Give1 to raise funds for ISKCON Foundation for feeding more hungry mouths.

Apart from these initiatives, SHAMZ Foodz  arranges for celebrating Birthday, Diwali and Christmas parties for the under resourced kids through a tie up with Meher Roshani Foundation. While a family celebrates happy events with friends through orders placed with Shamz Foodz, they are also happy in the knowledge that they are  helping children in need to celebrate and fulfil their hunger pangs.

SAGE Foundation Activities

SAGE Foundation has worked across sectors with range of partners. Here are some highlights.

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BFSI Industry Seminar for Underprivileged Youth

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Seminar at Rajkot for Job seekers in Banking sector

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SAGE Foundation signed MoU with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar

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United Civilizations™ (UC) Initiative Opens Global HQ in Mumbai India

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Laxmi goes to University of Westminster

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