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The edtech platform ask.CAREERS, a Smart Institute Initiative and a part of the Shahani Group of Institutions, has announced the launch of its new mobile application — ask.Interview Prep Guide. The app has been developed to help college graduates and freshers by providing a detailed guide for answering common interview questions and improving their chances at landing a job. The interactive, free-to-use app with modules on interview preparedness also allows students the opportunity to submit practice videos for expert feedback. It is currently available on Android for free and the iOS version set to be released soon.

Dr. Akhil Shahani, Managing Director, The Shahani Group; Director, Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management; and CEO, ask.CAREERS, said, “Smartphone is more accessible than a laptop. Students from tier-2, tier-3 colleges especially find it convenient to download a free app and find all their learning material in one place. Since it is an interactive app, they can receive instant feedback when they submit their practice videos and improve their interviewing skills.”

Employability factor

The ask.Interview Prep Guide app has been designed to train students who have limited experience with interviews and are intimidated by the process. The app familiarises them with 18 common interview questions through four ‘how-to’ modules — how to introduce yourself impressively, how to communicate your goals clearly, how to project your knowledge about the organisation positively, and how to answer random questions or bouncers effectively. Learners can use these four modules with other additional modules that cover domain-specific interview questions for industries such as banking and finance, digital marketing, ITES, and even highly technical sectors such as telecommunication and robotics.

“In the current employment scenario, competition is fierce and the stakes of cracking an interview are higher. Students are often adept with technical knowledge but lack the skills and training to translate their knowledge into appropriate responses to ace a job interview. There are many instances where a BCom graduate or even an MBA graduate is unable to get a white-collar job that they aspire for. Our goal is to help optimise the employability quotient of job-seekers at no cost,” Shahani added.

Feedback loop

The job interview simulator allows students to record video responses to interview questions and save them to track progress before an actual interview.

The app has received a favourable response from students, who have reported feeling much more confident when appearing for job interviews. The edtech platform has tied up with NGOs that help less fortunate students such as Antarang, Sage Foundation, and Oscar Foundation. Some of the college partnerships include RD National College, Bandra, and Kishinchand Chellaram College in Mumbai

“There is a pattern to the large scale, entry-level, interviews that companies in the banking and financial service sector, customer service sector and so on, conducted for hundreds of colleges. They usually tend to pose the same set of questions such as tell me about yourself, and where do you see yourself in five years, mainly with an intent to understand the student’s personality. This is a standard model that you can hack into if you know the pattern. The app was made based on our feedback from recruiters. It is a value-add, and it can fetch you entry-level, white-collar jobs in the service industry,” said Shahani

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